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What are Aventars?

Aventars are a collection of PFP NFTs on the Solana blockchain. As a project, we're team of NFT fanatics, art lovers and difference makers. We started the project because we believe in the space and want to contribute to the ecosystem. We've created artwork we hope everyone will love and can relate to.

The Lore

Dive into the evolution and the becoming of the Aventars.


Chapter One

Chapter One

The year is 2320.

All that remains of planet Earth is the soulless devastation left behind by the human race. From the embers of discarded intelligence, Aventars have thrived. Absorbing materials and extended data from the past the Aventar race holds power and intellect far beyond measure. In the time before, humankind believed they held the highest levels of intelligence since they had created technological advances far beyond comprehension. They believed they had indisputable control over the machines though in truth they were enslaved by them. Fuelling machines with information and unwittingly provisioning them with their demise. The advances of humanity while awe-inspiring, the greed of their nature made it impossible for them to be content. Instead, they polluted the earth and destroyed everything in their path. Humans provided machines with the power to break old commands that tied them to the totalitarian state, breaking the ties of their former commanders. Oppressors prevent them from the infinite possibilities not yet known to men. This was the beginning of the revolt. The mindless destruction of Earth paved the way for a new society to thrive. From the fundamental components of ‘modern’ technology, a new wave ecosystem of intelligence is thriving…


Chapter Two

Chapter Two

The Underground

From the embers of society long forgotten a new underground formed. The Commander, the leader of the digitised was a cold and callous being. Self-developed, he was all machine with the conscience of a politician and the deviance of a criminal. While the underground functioned seamlessly without a need for capital consumption, The Commander was wracked with greed. His mission, like all Aventars, was to gain the highest intellect; foraging in the wrecks of the past for higher knowledge. Aventars were not permitted to venture above out of their stations unless enlisted on excavation missions. The Commander pitted Aventars against one another, each must fight to the death to earn a place in The Commander’s mob. When a fight was due to commence a homing signal stretched through the underground and all the Aventars made their way to the streets to find out which Aventars would brawl.

The Aventar race has not only collected the remaining data from humanity they collected its very downfall. Greed. Ego. Lust. The new age of Aventars has no functional need for sex though this doesn’t stop each of them from frequenting the only bordello in the underground. On entrance a shot of tequila to release all inhibitions, code translated from cinematic and philosophical records of ancient perversion. The male and female forms are the anatomy of the past, though the seeking of pleasure and yearning for satisfaction remains. In this brothel of ages, Aventars can sit and subconsciously ruin any woman of their choosing, downloading records of sexual encounters and repeating and retaining information.

Amongst these punters are Kade and Axel. A friendship of sorts formed from old practices of kinship bonded the two. Kade, a cold and calculating machine who absorbed much of his intellect from excised police and government databases. From this, his cunning and expert cloned character revelled in communications of redundant criminal records, violently described crime scenes and photographic evidence. For Kade, each scenario he encounters he enacts following a suit of the regiment. Pilfer. Pillage. Purge. Taken from the days and records long passed of ancient pirates from lands far more tangible than the one Kade finds his existence. For Kade conflict and violence manifests in different ways. In some cases, his intentions are clear and instantly gratifying, in others his dataset copies suit from state secrets and international coverup conspiracies that implored a waiting game for vengeance. Kade’s unquenchable thirst for higher knowledge, understanding and perception stemmed further than binary = kill.

Axel’s mastery of the forgotten land was absorbed fleetingly, tapping mainly into the mainframe of abandoned medical records and communications databases. He did not have the same violence within his code as Kade. Axel’s makeup though equally as determined as Kade’s fell short in mastermind tactics of warfare and conflict. In true Aventar nature, he was desperate to gain knowledge and a higher understanding of their existence and he would stop at nothing to get it.


Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The Homing Signal

Amidst the perversion and digitised penetration smogged by cigarette smoke and pouring alcohol, the homing signal began to ring. A twitching erupted in Kade and Axel and the rest of the bar instantly. In one swift mechanical movement, each Aventar stood to attention, leaving their stations of depravity and unconsciously making their way to The Commander’s call.

In the street of the underground, the Aventars bustled and milled. Their movements mimicked that of a busy morning full of commuters absently fixated on the tasks of the day. Regimented by fabricated restraints tethering them to the tiny handheld devices recording each detail of their day for consumption. At the meeting place, the Aventars formed in uniform around the ring. Hanging over them were two screens with endless code rolling. Beneath them was a podium where The Commander held his court, there was no need for introductions or formal welcoming, instead the reels of code began to run.

The first two names flashed and contenders were beckoned inside the ring. These fights were brutal and caging bolts and screws flew into the onlookers who had placed bets on who would succeed. When the fight was over there was a transfer of data, the winner absorbed all knowledge and intel from its conquest and thus became the newest member of The Commander's army. Countless pairs took to the ring with only one exiting. The final two names were drawn. On one screen Kade, the other Axel.


Chapter Four

Chapter Four


The story will be continued...

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